John Textor

Executive Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, Mr. Textor is an active, full-time resource to the Chief Executive Officer and the President-Head of Studio. He is principally responsible for special projects, strategic partnerships, rights acquisition, venue partnerships and relationships with major media companies.

John Textor is currently active in the development of entertainment properties across a broad spectrum of venues and technology platforms. In addition to his leadership in the extended uses of photo-realistic, digital humans, he is also currently a Producer of Art Story, an original animated feature film currently being developed by Disney veteran filmmaker Aaron Blaise. He was also Producer and Executive Producer of Ender’s Game, a science fiction fantasy film scheduled for global release in November 2013.

Mr. Textor was previously Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and Chairman and CEO of its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group, having led its acquisition and restructuring from May 2006 to August 2012.  Together the companies were responsible for the visual effects of more than 80 large scale feature films, 25 of which were completed during Mr. Textor’s leadership, including such films as TransformersFlags of our Fathers,Tron:Legacy, Real Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End.  During Mr. Textor’s leadership, Digital Domain was re-established as a market leader in visual effects, winning multiple Academy Awards, CLIO advertising awards and, importantly, being recognized as the first visual effects company to deliver a believable digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This achievement, known as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation’, earned the company a 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. The hour long performance of the company’s digital actor was so convincing to audiences and the Academy voters that the film also received an Academy Award for Best Make-up, though the character was entirely digital.

Other highlights during Mr. Textor’s tenure included the break-through introduction of a digital Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music festival in 2012, the consummation of a joint venture for the digital resurrection of Elvis Presley, the creation of a first of its kind, dual-enrollment Bachelor’s program with Florida State University, completion of a $100 million joint venture agreement with the sovereign media authority of Abu Dhabi and the transformation of Digital Domain into a film production company with the co-production of Ender’s Game.

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